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Why Screen Printed Clothing is a Marketing Tool

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Why Screen Printed Clothing is a Marketing Tool

Screen-printed t-shirts are becoming increasingly popular at college organizations, charity events and corporate world.

Did you know that screen printed clothing is a marketing tool? When a business screen prints or embroiders their company logo on apparel it instantly become a walking billboard. Screen printing clothing are highly effective marketing tools because business owners can equip staff to wear them daily. You can wear printed clothing at any special event (work or personal), sporting event making this another branding opportunity. People do read what is on clothing as they pass by, and that provides great exposure of your new business.

Why Screen Printed Clothing is a Marketing Tool

Screen printing for advertising requires smart designing and placement. Make sure your design is unique, simple, and can be read at a quick glance. Use fonts and colors that can be seen even from a distance. When designing your clothing on a computer, keep in mind that the colors and contrast look different once it is printed than on the screen. Limit your designs to 5-8 colors at the most to keep the cost affordable. Another point to note is that people should be comfortable wearing it to places other than the work itself.

It becomes a great tool in popularizing your brand name in many different scenarios. Some popular screen printed clothing pieces are shirts, hats, jackets, polos and more. Our graphic design team can design a layout that fits perfect for your clothing. Next you can come to our location and pick your clothing. Finally, we print your order and ship it directly to your home or business.

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