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Let's face it, search engines are getting smarter and smarter as time goes on. It's amazing how they can almost read our minds when it comes to searches. Even when you're not even done typing the search term it has already populated suggested phrases for you. The "near me" searches have become more popular throughout the last few years and for good reason. It really narrows down vendors that are in your local area. Working with vendors close to your proximity is great to support your local businesses. In this article we will give 3 tips to help for "Near Me" searches. Consulting with your SEO company may help when implementing these tips to your marketing strategy.

3 Things That Can Affect Your Search Engine Rankings

Whether you hire an SEO company or your doing it yourself you probably check your online rankings frequently. Some days your website appears exactly where you want it and other times you're nowhere to be found. Sometimes these happen in the course of a day, week or a month. One thing for sure that they are very frustrating. You can have the most perfect website, high quality content, optimized photos, everything that a search engines loves and you're still affected. Whenever we see a client drop in the search engines we analyze why by bringing it back to the basics. Here are 3 things that can affect your search engine rankings.